Our Services

Reiki Energy Healing

 Hands on healing techniques to re-align the energy fields and centres of the body.

Crystal Healing

The use of crystals either on their own, or more usually with Reiki practices to heal and re-balance the body.   

 Crystals can enhance the Reiki treatment by increasing the Reiki energy; they also work very effectively on specific ailments or parts of the body.

Crystals are particularly effective during aura clearing or cleansing, which is a very powerful treatment focusing on clearing deep seated physical or emotional blocks in the energy system of the body. These blocks may be the initial cause of the physical illness and, if cleared, can lead to a better recovery.

The use of these techniques is always discussed with the client before any treatment commences and would be agreed with the client as part of the treatment plan.



We also offer hypnotherapy sessions with a qualified clinical hypnotherapist for weight management, stopping smoking, relaxation, stress, confidence buildin and many other conditions.

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Reiki Attunements - Be your own healer!


Anyone can work with Reiki energy if they are first attuned to it. This is similar to adjusting your radio to receive the best signal possible. It is then easier for you to access the Reiki energy yourself. 

During an attunement you also learn the best hand positions to use on anyone you wish to treat. You can treat yourself, your friends and family and even your pets!

 There are 3 levels of attunement.

Those starting out with Reiki, would first be attuned to level one and then progress to level two and three when and if necessary. Reiki Level One allows anyone to treat themselves and/or their friends and family. It is very beneficial being able to give yourself Reiki at home, as this means you can continue treating your illness or condition.

As a Reiki Master/Teacher, I am able to offer Reiki attunements to those wishing to take their treatment further. The charge for this is available on request and attunements may take place in a class setting with other Reiki students, or alternatively on a one to one basis.